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How To Transform a Standard Cooking Space Into a Cozy Kitchen

How To Transform a Standard Cooking Space Into a Cozy Kitchen
Throughout time, the kitchen has become an increasingly important room in the house to decorate and fill with useful and state-of-the-art equipment. It’s become more of a focal point than many other rooms in a house, especially with the growth of open kitchen concepts. On the list of what potential buyers look for when house hunting, the kitchen is at the top of the list.

In a way, this area meant to prepare food in—and, in many cases, dine in as well—has become a source of prestige amongst our peers and inner circles. Finding a balance between being aesthetically pleasing and comfortable is key. Knowing how to transform a standard cooking space into a cozy kitchen will help you bridge the gap between a kitchen that’s visually appealing and functionally inviting. Check out these design ideas to turn your kitchen from functional to cozy. 


You spend a lot of time and effort on creating a beautiful kitchen. The key to getting people to want to stay in the space for longer is to ensure you have adequate and comfortable seating. Place your seating around a central piece of furniture as a place to eat, relax, or both. To choose the perfect dining room table, you’ll want to think about the size and style as well as the chairs. 

When you’re thinking about redecorating your kitchen, there are a few seating ideas you can choose from. Supernova Furniture understands the importance of the perfect dinette set to add appeal while maintaining comfortability. We offer a variety of dinette sets in Houston, TX to ensure you find the perfect match for the space you intend to create.


Once you’ve added the essential machinery and furniture to your kitchen, you’ll want to build your color scheme off of those pieces to enhance the overall look of the room. Basing kitchen wall color ideas off your furniture is one way to create a cohesive style. Color adds personality—however, it’s crucial that you’re choosy with your palette. 

Some colors send a subliminal message to the brain that makes you want to get in and get out. This is why many fast-food chains use bold, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange. They want the turnover. Consider light colors that still add warmth to a room while working to enhance natural and artificial lighting and while remaining inviting and comfortable.


The final step to making your kitchen cozy is to set aside time to declutter. Clutter can be a deterrent when you look at a room, so when you declutter, you can make rooms feel bigger. To enhance feelings of relaxation in a kitchen, you’ll want to make sure everything has a designated spot. Inviting guests to sit in a space with counters littered with papers or stacks of various items on surfaces, seats, or elsewhere can make a room look too busy. Appliances you don’t use every day should be stowed—unless they’re being displayed intentionally. The more open the space feels, the more relaxed the people sitting in it should feel. 

These are just a few options on how to transform a standard cooking space into a cozy kitchen. It really is in the setup, the seating, and the décor. The more inviting the space can look to an objective eye, the more likely people will want to spend their time there. After all, you put a lot of work into it.

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