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Easy Ways To Add Color to Your Home Without Painting
Easy Ways To Add Color to Your Home Without Painting

How can you add color to a room without painting? Is it possible? If your home is looking a little bland, maybe it needs a splash of color. But maybe you don’t want to deal with the hassle of painting your rooms from top to bottom. If you want to skip the labor, messiness, and smells of a new paint job, there are some alternatives that can bring glorious tints, shades, and hues to your space. Read on to discover several easy ways to add color to your home without painting.

Paintings and Tapestries

Paintings and tapestries are common colorful home decor—sometimes the best solutions are the most obvious ones. If your walls and ceilings are bland symphonies in white or beige, look for large, framed artwork that brings brightness with vibrant colors. Posters and prints of the works of the Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists are striking interplays of colors and shapes that draw the eye and dominate an otherwise blah room. Movie posters can bring the excitement as well, but seek out overseas versions of posters advertising your favorite flicks. They tend to be more visually stunning and thought provoking than the films themselves. Finally, tapestries can cover large segments and provide not just color but also a pleasing texture to a room. 


Nothing adds life to a room like leafy or flowering plants standing guard in large planters, strategically positioned on stands, or hanging in rows from the ceiling. Green will be the chief color, but if sunlight comes in the windows for most of the day, spark things up with colorful flowers such as geraniums, orchids, begonias, Christmas cacti, gloxinias, amaryllises, and others. Looking for something larger and less high maintenance? Bring several elegant spreading trees—such as a rubber plant, a yucca, a split-leaf, a parlor palm, or a similar tropical indoor tree—to your living room or elsewhere.

Area Rugs

Nothing provides instant comfort, color, and class to a room like a colorful area rug. Measure the space first to see how much rug you need. Unlike carpet, a rug works best as a room’s centerpiece, so leave some space between the edges and the walls. Pick a rug that communicates and supports the sensation you want people to get when they first walk into the room. Want the place to look larger? Pick a light-colored rug. Going for a more distinguished feeling? Go with darker and more lavish hues. Is the room a fun place to be? Bright and vibrant colors all the way. It’s a matter of deciding if you want a place where people can relax or run wild—while keeping their feet cozy and warm! 


After you’ve looked for furniture stores in northwest Houston and stopped by SuperNova Furniture to select a smart living room or bedroom set, consider adding a few dashes of color here and there. Accent pieces can give your bedroom or living room color and make it memorable. Throw pillows, blankets, knickknacks, and tchotchkes that add color and say something about you and your tastes without being too intrusive are easy ways to add color to your home without painting. 

If you want to make your home more colorful but don’t have the time or energy to paint, there are easier ways to make an impact. Adding color to a room is as simple as finding home decor you love. Check out our home decor store in Houston the next time you want to make your home a little brighter.