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Essential Furniture You Need in Your Home Office

Essential Furniture You Need in Your Home Office

Setting up a base of operations in the attic, basement, or an extra bedroom? Creating a home office is simple enough, but you should build it with three things in mind: comfort, efficiency, and flexibility. To meet all three criteria, a home office needs to be professional, cozy, maneuverable—and you must design it with present and future needs in mind. Fortunately, plenty of fine furniture pieces can accommodate and acclimate to you and your business’s needs. After the paint has dried and the floors are cleaned, get ready to dress up your office with the proper furnishings. Consider the following list of essential furniture you need in your home office when shopping to equip your work space.


Working without a desk is like a captain sailing without a ship or a coach running a game without a field or court. Your desk must meet several criteria. It should be the centerpiece of your office, though you don’t have to put it at the dead center of the room. Imagine where your desk should go first, and the rest of the pieces will fall into place around it. Measure the office’s area to ensure the desk doesn’t dominate the room or interfere with traffic flow. A big desk looks impressive and can give you room to stretch out, but if it makes the rest of your office look cramped, it’s not doing its job. Think about proper placement. If you need inspiration, point the desk toward the window. Need fewer distractions? Make sure you face a minimally decorated wall. Finally, think about storage space and whether you need a desk with lots of drawers or a sleeker and more minimalist desk assembly with none.


It’s hard to believe it, but chairs are tools. Pick the right one to do the job. Do you work better sitting down or standing up? While standing desks are available, most people prefer to sit as they work. If you’re planning long hours at the grindstone, however, choose an ergonomically designed chair. A plush chair isn’t necessarily the most comfortable in the long run. Get a seat that provides great back support and motivates you to sit up straight. Adjustability, wheels, and swivel action are all vital because you want a seat that takes the strain out of getting up and down and moving about the office.

Filing Cabinets

The business world may be largely electronic now, but there will always be a need for paper and stationery. In your office, decide where you’ll store the hard copies of all your documents, as well as contracts, agreements, and any other printed paperwork you might require for your business. Filing cabinets are always a smart and professional-looking piece of furniture. They’re useful for storage, of course, as well as propping up printers, scanners, photocopiers, and other appliances. Whether you choose metal or wood filing cabinets, pick ones that complement the décor or simply blend into the background.


Bookshelves aren’t just about showing off your book collection. They can help you encapsulate who you are for potential clients who visit your home office. Pick up a bookshelf where you can store source material and other resources you may need to consult during your workday (law books for lawyers, and the like). Bookshelves are also great for displaying family photos, photographs with celebrities and persons of influence, as well as conversation starters (vacation shots, awards ceremonies, and that big catch during your last fishing expedition). Pick a proper bookshelf frame to show off your skills, knowledge, interests, and personality. And again, it’s wise to match the look and style for the sake of consistency.


Is your office a place of quiet contemplation or a place of explosive creativity? Proper lighting can make all the difference. If you’re not getting much sunlight in dark places like the basement or attic, you should provide enough illumination to see what you're doing without making it feel like the entire sun is in the next room. A floor lamp in each corner can create an even tone throughout the room. Club lamps can cast subtle and isolated patches of light, while candelabra and torchière lavish out the light more widely. Meanwhile, your desk should hold a single table lamp or adjustable table lamp with a swing arm to provide light specifically on your desktop work area. When choosing a lamp, don’t forget to keep electrical outlet locations in mind and plan to keep wires and power strips out of sight.

Client Seating

Coming back to the idea of entertaining clients, offer them a place to sit and put them at ease with the trappings of home. A pair of matching chairs opposite your desk can work for talking with customers, but can also come off as aloof and cold. If you have the space, add a warmer, more human touch with a small table and chairs for conferences, conversation, and contract signings. Another alternative is a sofa or loveseat combined with a coffee table. Furniture and its placement can make it clear that they’re not coming to you—you’re working together with them.

Bits and Pieces

When considering the essential furniture you need in your home office, you can add other accents to make the space cozier. A coat rack in the corner near the door looks sharp and gives visitors a place to hang their outerwear, umbrellas, and hats. An end table or small bench next to it can make a good place to keep keys, wallets, change, and other items you’d rather not carry around in your pockets. As a final suggestion, know that a rug can bring comfort, warmth, and panache to any room, but particularly to an office. Pick a rug that fits the room without touching its perimeter. Look for one that complements the décor and plays off the paint or wallpaper. It should also be stain-resistant and easy to clean. A low pile shag rug is best, but don’t rest your office chair on it or you’ll find yourself in a literal rut.

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Essential Furniture You Need in Your Home Office