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How To Transform Your Standard Bedroom Into a Retreat
How To Transform Your Standard Bedroom Into a Retreat

On occasion, you don’t want to wait until your vacation to get away from it all; however, if the home front can’t provide a place to hide and loosen up, then it’s time to convert a room into your personal utopia. There’s no better place to start than in the bedroom, which can provide the atmosphere for silent reading, cinematic entertainment, or a quick snooze. Need a few ideas to get started? Here’s how to transform your standard bedroom into a retreat.

Do a Deep Clean

Nothing makes a room seem fresher, more inviting, or more like a hotel or spa room than a good cleaning and decluttering. You should give your bedroom the once-over. Ditch the extraneous stuff covering the floors, furniture, and shelves; wipe away the dust, sweep, vacuum, and give the floor a good waxing or polishing. If you can’t repaint, clean the walls and repair or touch up any damaged spots. It may be a lot of work, but preparing your room for its final form as a retreat is therapeutic and relaxing in its own way.

Consider a Furniture Upgrade

Sometimes a room won’t let you relax because it looks clunky and out-of-date. Upgrading the master bedroom suite furniture can go a long way toward making your bedroom more inviting. You should upgrade your furniture to make the room seem lighter and airier. A low-slung bed or one with a thinner frame can also illude to more room by freeing space above and below it. Pick bedroom furniture that fits the room without dominating it, allowing easy airflow and freedom of movement. Leave room for a spot to add an area rug so you can meditate, exercise, or watch a movie in comfort.

Keep Things Bright, With the Option To Go Dark

Make sure you maximize the amount of sunlight that comes into the room by choosing draperies that can open wide. Add wall and stand-up mirrors as well to ensure that they catch and cast light across the room. At the same time, install blackout shades that can be pulled down at any time, turning your bedroom into a private and cozy place to take a nap or shut yourself away from the outside world for a little while.

Heavenly Scents

When pondering how to transform your standard bedroom into a retreat, don’t forget to please your sense of smell with pleasant aromas. Scented candles and potpourri add a flowery or fruity fragrance to the air, as does the occasional spritz of perfume or an air freshener. However, don’t overlook the visual and olfactory pleasures of flowering plants and assorted herbs. Jasmine, oregano, eucalyptus, geraniums, lemon trees, and other fragrant plants can take you far away without leaving home.