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Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment Space

Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment Space

Are you living the studio life and need to break out? That room may seem small, but you can make the most of it. With a little organizing, you can make your studio feel like a one-bedroom apartment—or bigger! Here are a few ways to get the most out of your studio apartment space.

Dump the Clutter

No matter how much space you have, it’s always a fine idea to declutter. Ask yourself what things you really need and which ones you can live without. Sometimes we hold on to things out of sentimentality or the idea that we might need it someday, but just not now. Mostly we just get lazy and ignore the fact that we’d be much better off dumping all the junk in our lives. Get rid of broken furniture, useless knickknacks, appliances you haven’t used, and the like. Whether you sell, donate, or trash them, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be surprised at how much space this frees up.

Check Your Bedding

Your bed likely takes up the most space in your studio apartment, so decide if it’s taking up too much space. A full-size bed is more than enough room for an adult living in a studio, so it’s time to give up the roominess of the queen- or king-sized mattress and find a more manageable, but no less comfy size. If you’re not wedded to owning an actual bed, sofa beds and futons offer a space-saving alternative. If you do get an actual bed, buy one with storage capability in the bed frame. This frees up a lot of physical and visual space.

Buy Skinny Furniture

Squat, bulky, chunky furniture takes up space and seems to spread out and overtake your studio. Pick up pieces that are tall and slim that have longer legs for support. This gives an airier feel to the place and makes everything look much less blocky. You can also make your studio seem larger by keeping furniture close to the walls until you need it. More floor space makes an area breathe easier and keeps the furnishings from feeling like obstacles.

Think Vertically

Here’s one more of our ways to get the most out of your studio apartment space: spread up, not out. Employ tall, thin bookshelves to store things up and away from the floor. In fact, if your lease allows it, install shelves higher up or even around the perimeter of your apartment. Add hooks, hangers, and other support systems to the walls or ceiling to keep your bicycle, television set, or any other large objects off the floor. While you don’t want to clutter it up with more stuff, take advantage of the upper levels of your studio.

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