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How To Set Up the Perfect Guest Bedroom Without Losing Space

How To Set Up the Perfect Guest Bedroom Without Losing Space
It’s always nice to have guests over, but you don’t have them over all the time. That said, while it’s good to have a space where visitors can sleep, you don’t want it to be just another bedroom in-between visits. But rigging up a room to perform double-duty isn’t a hard thing to do. With a few simple additions (and subtractions), you can set up a room that’s a nice place to work and sleep. Your guests may even appreciate the room’s flexibility as a sleep space and workspace as well! Here are a few tips on how to set up the perfect guest bedroom without losing space.

Scale Down the Bedroom Furniture

Guests are welcomed but usually temporary. That said, most guests can make do with a full or even a twin-sized bed. You don’t need to pamper them with a king-sized mattress that overwhelms the rest of the room. Likewise, if you’re buying bedroom furniture sets (in Houston, TX, or elsewhere), look for smaller bedroom furnishings—say a petite nightstand or end table and bureau you can place nearby, providing a convenient storage space without taking up too much space. Some beds come equipped with attached surfaces and storage areas as well. Sofa beds and other furniture that allows you to fold up the bed after use are a plus.

Separate Functions, Similar Looks

Depending on the size of the room, make sure there’s a dividing line between the bed area and other parts. A rug can pleasantly divvy up the room, providing a soft transition in-between. Keeping the furniture’s style and color consistent keeps the change from office to bedroom a bit less abrupt without favoring one over the other. Plan the look rather than simply buying pieces along the way. When guests are there, they’ll feel more welcome, while the rest of the time your office space will retain a professional look and feel. And don’t downplay the positive aspect of having it both ways with a place to nap between work assignments!

Keep Things Homey

Here’s one more tip regarding how to set up the perfect guest bedroom without losing space. While your office or guest room may see more work done than visitors, don’t let the office motif dominate. Set up the closet with extra shelving to store office supplies and peripherals or otherwise serves as a storage space when guests are in town. If you need a workspace that requires a lot of artsy-craftsy materials like paint, glue, and similar smelly and unsightly materials, consider creating a workspace elsewhere in the house. Otherwise, you’ll have to clean it all up whenever your friend or family member is around. Otherwise, keep the office cool and professional, but with picturesque art and a lot of plants. The transition from guest room to office and vice versa will be so much easier!

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