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Top 5 Ways To Give Your Bedroom a Personalized Touch

Top 5 Ways To Give Your Bedroom a Personalized Touch

Decorating is one of the best things about having a home. Whether you own or rent your place, finding ways to incorporate your unique sense of style is essential. While shared areas, like living rooms and kitchens, may require more modest designs, your bedroom is the perfect place to let your personality shine. Here are the top five ways to give your bedroom a personalized touch.

Mix Old and New Furnishings

Do you have old family heirlooms that need a place in your home? Antique furniture has a lot of character, making it an easy way to give your bedroom a personalized touch. Before tossing old items, consider finding space in your bedroom for these precious pieces. Mixing old and new furnishings allows you to stay on trend while holding onto meaningful things that you want to cherish.

Create Ambiance With Lighting

Your bedroom should be a place where you go to unwind after a stressful day. Personalize your space with ambient lighting to set the right tone. Find lighting with unique fixtures to express your personality and upgrade your bedroom. From mounted lights to table lamps, there are so many opportunities for you to cultivate a specific atmosphere that meets your needs.

Choose Unique Décor Items

While adhering to a specific aesthetic might make your home appear more cohesive, it’s OK to break away from the mold. Choose unique décor items that speak to you to adorn your bedroom with. You can do this in many ways, from hanging decorative art prints to collecting interesting knickknacks on your shelves. Don’t forget about mirrors, rugs, and room dividers to jazz up your space and add a pop of personality.

Purchase a Statement Piece

Personalizing your bedroom doesn’t mean hand-selecting every single item in your space. Sometimes, purchasing one or two statement pieces is enough to customize your space without breaking the bank. Choose an eye-catching bed frame or a bold dresser to serve as your bedroom’s focal point. This way, you can sprinkle in some personal touches without interrupting your overall aesthetic.

Display Sentimental Accessories

There’s nothing more personal than sentimental accessories that hold a ton of meaning. Display these objects in your bedroom so that you can reminisce on past experiences while decorating. Create a gallery wall of memorable photos to fill up some of your unused space. You can turn almost any item into a piece of décor, so showcase your travel souvenirs and personal interest items to make your bedroom the ultimate expression of your life thus far.

The most intimate room in your home is your bedroom, so make sure it reflects your authentic self. We have a wide selection of bedroom furniture in Houston and surrounding areas so that you can find the best pieces for your space. Keep your eyes peeled for our new storefront opening soon in Humble, Texas!