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Furniture 101: What Is Traditional-Style Furniture?

Furniture 101: What Is Traditional-Style Furniture?
Nothing is quite as timeless as a traditional home aesthetic. Traditional, or classical, furniture emphasizes trends of old that have yet to go out of style. These pieces are typically grand in nature and point to a sense of glamour and elegance that other home aesthetics don’t provide. Knowing some examples of this design trend is furniture 101. So what is traditional-style furniture? Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Traditional Furniture?

Traditional-style furniture is usually heavy, grand, and opulent, and it works well in most rooms, especially bedrooms and living rooms. It, like most design styles, has certain traits that set this aesthetic from others. Some of these traits include the following:

  • - Dark woods
  • - Intricate details
  • - Luxurious fabrics
  • - Glamourous accents

Dark Woods

One staple of traditional furniture is dark wood. Expert artisans make pieces from rich lumber such as mahogany, oak, and walnut. These wood species come with a sense of luxury that’s difficult to replicate with other types of lumber. In traditional furniture, you can expect to find tables, chairs, nightstands, and other wooden fixtures featuring this element.

Intricate Details

When it comes to traditional furniture, drama is the name of the game. When this style first emerged, craftspeople created handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces with elaborate details to show off their incredible artistry. Contemporary furniture celebrates sharp, crisp lines, while classical pieces feature ornate, curved embellishments, which make them so striking.

Luxurious Fabrics

Nothing says luxury quite like lush fabrics, especially in your primary bedroom. If you’re looking for a traditional-style fabric, you can explore an upholstery guide detailing the different kinds. Traditional upholstered furniture usually features luxe materials such as velvet, satin, and even silk. Coupled with bold prints such as floral and plaid, this element is vital in answering the question, “What is traditional-style furniture?” 

When you’re furnishing your classical space, don’t forget about area rugs. Usually associated with traditional aesthetics, these fabric home accents are crucial to defining areas and protecting hardwood. 

Glamourous Accents

Your traditional furniture setup wouldn’t be complete without glamourous accents tying everything together. Gold, bronze, and other lavish metals often adorn classical pieces as a way to express affluence. You won’t find much steel or silver around traditional items and accessories. Instead, lean into the luxury by finding accents with warm, expensive-looking details that scream opulence.

Designing a traditional home aesthetic with classical furniture is an easy way to mimic glamour and splendor in your living space. Shopping with Supernova Furniture makes it possible for you to live in the lap of luxury. Explore our inventory of bedroom furniture in Houston, and keep a lookout for our newest location opening in Humble, Texas. We can’t wait to help you explore this ageless interior design trend.

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