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What Sofa Size Do You Need? Tips on Measuring Correctly

What Sofa Size Do You Need? Tips on Measuring Correctly
Purchasing a sofa shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision. You need to decide what upholstery fits your home best, especially if you’re a pet owner. You’ll need to do some prep work to ensure that your new couch fits your space. Knowing how to properly measure a sofa to find the right size is a skill you’ll need. This way, you can avoid wasting money on a piece of furniture that won’t make it through your front door.

Take a few measurements, so you’ll know exactly what size couch you need. Learning how to measure a sofa correctly will keep you from buying the wrong piece of furniture.

Measure Your Space First

Before you bring your new sofa home, you’ll need to measure your space first. Take some time to figure out the dimensions of your living room. Your sofa shouldn’t be a tight fit; make sure it occupies enough of the room while still leaving plenty of space to move around.

You should also make sure that your new sofa will fit through your doors and hallways. Measure the height and width of all your entryways to make sure your new couch will clear them. Doing so will make getting your sofa into your home easier without disassembling things or choosing a more difficult route.

Now, we’ll explain how couches are measured, including getting the right depth, height, and width.

How To Measure Sofa Dimensions

Measuring your sofa correctly involves collecting several different numbers. You can’t just measure for length and then call it a day. Before making a major purchase, check various dimensions such as width, depth, and height to confirm that it will fit your home.


First, check the width of your potential sofa. Take a tape measure and run it from arm to arm. Make sure you’re measuring from the broadest part of the sofa to account for extra space.

Depending on the style, your couch might be thinner on the bottom than on the top. Always measure from the outside of each arm to get an accurate number.


Another essential dimension to collect is depth. Measure from the seat’s outside edge to the very back of the sofa. You should also check the seat depth to see how much space you’ll have for lounging.

Don’t forget to find your potential couch’s diagonal depth, too. This measurement will tell you if your new furniture will fit through your entryways. Collect this information by measuring from the top back corner of the sofa frame to the bottom corner.


Of course, you’ll also want to check your sofa’s height when you’re measuring sofa dimensions. This measurement is especially important if you have wall décor or other features that could interfere with your couch. 

Measure from the sofa’s tallest point all the way down to the floor. Be sure to include legs or platforms in your measurements to get the most precise number.

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