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King vs. California King Mattress: Which Is Right for You?

King vs. California King Mattress: Which Is Right for You?
Nothing feels more luxurious than spreading out on a large, fluffy mattress. You have many options when it comes to size, but there are two that reign supreme: the king and the California king.

From the similar names, you can tell that each mattress size has common features. However, there are some differences between a king and a California king mattress that are worth exploring. Learn which is right for you to start sleeping in style.

Benefits of a King-Size Mattress

First, it’s helpful to answer a few common questions: what’s a king-size mattress, and what are its benefits? Typically, the dimensions of a king mattress will be 76” by 80”. As they are one of the largest mattress sizes on the market, they can range in price from several hundred to a few thousand dollars.

King mattresses provide plenty of room for multiple bodies. People with pets, partners, or children sleeping together will benefit from this kind of bed. Even if you sleep alone, a king mattress will give you a lot of space to stretch your body and sleep comfortably.

Benefits of a California King-Size Mattress

Since manufacturers make a distinction between king and California king mattresses, there must be some obvious differences, right? The differences are actually subtle, but they do exist and can significantly affect someone’s sleeping arrangement.

California kings have slightly different dimensions—they are more narrow, taking four inches from the width and adding it onto the length. However, the benefits remain the same; they are large mattresses that give sleepers plenty of space for comfortable slumber.

Which One Is Right for You?

Since the differences between a king and a California king mattress are minor, knowing which one is right for you can be challenging. If you need more width to occupy room space and fit more bodies, you should consider purchasing a king mattress.

However, California kings are longer and more narrow. They won’t fit as many bodies as comfortably but are perfect for tall people. They also fit better in smaller rooms. Taller individuals who want most of the benefits of a king-sized bed should consider buying a California king.

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