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5 Reasons You Might Prefer a Round Dining Table

5 Reasons You Might Prefer a Round Dining Table
There are many reasons you might prefer a round dining table over rectangular alternatives. The right dining room furniture offers more than elegance; it promotes comfort, conversation, and community. Discover the benefits of round tables and consider adding one to your space.

They Fit in Small Spaces

Not everyone has room for a grand dining table, but round tables are perfect for small spaces. Cute kitchen dinettes are fully functional without occupying too much square footage.

Round dining tables give you plenty of room to walk around without bumping into corners. If you have an empty corner in your kitchen that you don’t know what to do with, these pieces of furniture make great breakfast nooks.

They’re More Comfortable

Rectangular dining tables have blunt edges and sharp corners, and hitting these angles can result in nasty bruises. On the other hand, round tables are more comfortable because of their smooth sides.

Round tables also lack multiple legs that take up valuable foot space. Instead, round tabletops rest on a central pillar so everyone has room to stretch their legs and get cozy for an evening meal.

They’re Perfect for Smaller Groups

Reaching across the table for food is rude in many cultures, and long dining tables make it difficult to fill your plate. Round tables are perfect for smaller groups and make sharing food much easier.

Building a sense of community is one of the perks of eating together. Round tables create a sense of intimacy that larger tables simply don’t offer.

They Encourage a Better Flow

You might prefer a round dining table if you prioritize your space’s energy. In feng-shui, energy, or chi, is an atmosphere you can encourage through specific home design. Round tables are popular in this Eastern concept because they have a better flow.

According to feng-shui, sharp corners and bends disrupt energy flow, making a room feel chaotic and uncomfortable. The smooth curve of a round table guides energy throughout the room for a more relaxing atmosphere.

They Include Everyone

Have you ever sat at a table and felt like others couldn’t hear you? This often happens at rectangular tables; people on one end can’t see, hear, or talk to those on the opposite side.

Round tables don’t have this problem, which makes them more inclusive. Conversations flow naturally and help people feel a sense of belonging, meaning a round dining table might be exactly what your home needs to build strong relationships.

The benefits of round tables aren’t only aesthetic and practical; there’s also an important social element you can’t ignore. Supernova Furniture wants to provide you with a round table to make your gatherings more personable. Stop by our new location in Humble, Texas, to find the table that completes your space.