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The 6 Biggest Furniture Trends To Look For in 2023

The 6 Biggest Furniture Trends To Look For in 2023
As an exciting year comes to an end, it’s time to prepare for the future. 2023 looks promising, with new interior design trends about to take center stage. It’s “out with the old, in with the new” for homeowners looking to update their decor.

If you love micro-luxury, maximalism, and comfortable seating, this is your year to shine. The biggest furniture trends to look for in 2023 are all about embracing personal style. Here’s what we expect to be on the cover of every interior design magazine after the ball drops on January 1st.

Concentrated Comfort

The pandemic seems lightyears away now that society has settled into new norms. However, we still see the effects of this global event, especially in our home designs. In 2023, the concentration on comfort will be more widespread than it’s ever been.

We’re talking cozy couches, plush seating, and more throw pillows and blankets than you could imagine. Expect intimate living room arrangements that focus on ambiance and community.

Hasn’t comfortable furniture always been in? The answer is yes, but in a different way. As people trade their cross-country trips for staycations, there’s a higher desire to craft the comfiest home possible.

Opulent Office

In the same vein, 2023 will see people focusing on perfecting their home offices. There were questions during the early days of the pandemic if working from home would become the new normal. Since businesses stuck to the work-from-home order or adopted a hybrid model, it looks like home offices are here to stay.

Modern home offices need a touch of luxury. You’ll find beautiful desk chairs with gold hardware and elegant accents in every workspace. Sturdy desks with charming decor and functional lighting will add some personality back into your office.

As people continue to stay indoors, there’s a larger emphasis on personalization. Office furniture and decor are all about comfort, efficiency, and unique touches. Ergonomic accessories like supportive chairs and multi-functional desks allow people to maximize their productivity from home.

Marvelous Maximalism

Over the years, minimalism has been at the forefront of every interior designer’s mind. However, industry leaders are predicting a push for maximalism next year. While some may cling to their neutrals and subtle decor, others are reaching for the stars.

Maximalism is all about prints, colors, and personality. Now is the time to purchase that bold-patterned couch you’ve always dreamed of. Mix and match living room pieces to create an aesthetic that’s all your own.

Another space where maximalism shines is the dining room. Extravagant dining room sets with bright walls and opulent lighting fixtures aren’t excessive anymore.

Don’t be afraid to fill your walls with quirky art pieces and stuff your shelves with books and trinkets. In 2023, the slogan is “the more, the merrier!”

Contemporary Curves

Next year, the modernist movement is taking over. With interior aesthetics like mid-century and art-deco making a comeback, you’ll see one design feature repeating in homes across the country: curves.

Smooth lines and gentle bends will replace sharp corners and straight edges. Kitchens everywhere will feature round tables that encourage community. Even dining rooms may swap their grand rectangular tables for something with softer edges.

The same is true for living room furniture and general home architecture. Think couches and chairs with rounded backs and smooth armrests. This devotion to curves will also be reflected in arched mirrors, entryways, and alcoves.

Little Luxury

One of the biggest furniture trends to look for in 2023 is micro-luxury. You don’t need to live in a mansion to enjoy the finer things in life. Finding furniture and decor that looks incredible at a reasonable price is easy with stores like Supernova Furniture.

Find furniture with gold and copper accents, like tables with ornamentation or dressers with crystal knobs. Don’t be afraid of regal-colored living room sets and sectionals. You could also sprinkle luxury in your bathroom with a high-quality bathroom rack.

Dramatic Decor

2023 is all about drama. Moody wall colors, velvet furniture, and gothic aesthetics will be popular in the coming year. Anyone who enjoys the “dark academia” aesthetic will have no problem finding ways to be trendy.

Don’t shy away from black walls, furniture, and accent pieces. Contrast your dark elements with pops of color and shimmering textures. Sage green has been a staple color for many years; now, its darker counterpart, emerald green, is taking over moodier spaces. You can easily incorporate these color trends in your fabric and upholstered furniture.

What’s Sticking Around from 2022?

Trends don’t vanish with the flip of a switch. Certain things are fading, like monochrome gray themes. However, 2022 was a massive year for interior design, and certain elements are sure to stick around.


We’re anticipating a move away from minimalism in 2023. However, this aesthetic is still strong in many households. If you need that peaceful energy, don’t feel obligated to fill your space.

Instead, stick with sleek silhouettes, basic tables, and neutral color palettes. Use natural light to your advantage. Choose furniture that isn’t busy and doesn’t add much visual weight to a space. Solid wood items look heavier than they might actually be, so choose glass tables and bamboo seating instead.

Vintage Flair

The upcoming year puts a lot of focus on new pieces. However, vintage furniture is still trendy and will be for years to come. It’s all about how you make antiques work in a modern space.

For example, you can mix aesthetics by placing a vintage-style vanity in a contemporary room. You could transform a thrifted coffee table into a contemporary piece that compliments your curvy couches and living room seating. Older-looking mirrors and wall art add character to a fresh space, so don’t shy away from purchasing vintage pieces.


Of course, sustainability has been the name of the game for a while. Furniture featuring recycled wood and bamboo is eco-friendly and durable. Nature is an incredible source of inspiration; decorate your space with natural materials, earthy tones, and plenty of plants.

It’s also helpful to make your home multi-functional. Your kitchen table can operate as a work desk and your living room as an entertainment room. Strong tables, shelving, and pieces with hidden storage allow you to maximize your space.

Stay On-Trend With Supernova Furniture

You can accomplish all of these 2023 trends by shopping with Supernova Furniture. Stop by one of our Houston-area stores, including a new location in Humble, Texas, to prepare for the new year.

The 6 Biggest Furniture Trends To Look For in 2023