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4 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Comfortable

4 Ways To Make Your Living Room More Comfortable
Formal living rooms have a time and a place. However, some people prefer spaces for mid-day snoozes and hours of Netflix binging. Cozy living rooms belong in homes that prioritize relaxation.

You can make your living room more comfortable with the right selection of furniture, accent pieces, and overall design. Use these tips to crank up the coziness.

Step Up Your Seating

Seating arrangements set the tone for your living room’s atmosphere. Create a cozy environment by choosing large sofas and chairs. Whether you’re stretching out for a nap or snuggling up for a movie night, everyone will have enough space to get comfy.

You can find comfortable sectionals for sale in Houston right here at Supernova Furniture. You can invest in some high-quality ottomans to extend your legroom. Or point your seating pieces toward each other to create an intimate space that encourages conversation.

Pick Plush Pillows

Have you ever been in a cozy room that didn’t have tons of pillows? Throw pillows allow people to customize their comfort levels. They also make excellent decor elements; find some that match your color palette to tie your theme together.

Get pillows in various sizes to suit every guest. Consider choosing fabrics like velvet and satin to add interesting texture. Also, adding floor cushions will increase your seating without overwhelming your space with furniture.

Welcome in Warmth

If you want to make your living room more comfortable, you need to focus on warmth. Layer soft, thick rugs on top of your living room floor to define your space while enhancing your aesthetic. Don’t forget to combat the cold with decorative throw blankets with large weaves.

Adding warmth doesn’t only mean raising the temperature; it also means adding ambience. Set the mood with floor and table lamps with warm lighting. You could also use string lights, candelabras, and your fireplace to create a warm, welcoming environment.

Create Casual Comfort

The key to every cozy living room is casual comfort. It’s hard to relax in a formal space. Instead of choosing fancy furniture with intricate accents, focus on pieces with soft fabric and flexible cushions.

You can have informal living room furniture that also feels luxurious. For example, fine leather and sleek silhouettes add elegance without compromising comfort. Asymmetrical designs, plants, and comfort objects (like pillows and blankets) will give your space a “cool” edge.

You can do all of these things by shopping at Supernova Furniture. The Houston area can enjoy comfortable living rooms with our new location in Humble, Texas. Browse our collections of sectionals, sofas, and decor for a cozy space that’s inviting to everyone.