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Different Types of Room Dividers for Every Style

Different Types of Room Dividers for Every Style

What do you do when you want a little extra privacy? It can be tough to pin down how you want to divide a room, especially if it’s small. Don’t worry. We have you covered. A room divider is an inexpensive, decorative, and quick way to make the most out of your space, and screening between rooms can give you that extra bit of privacy that you deserve or make your room feel a lot bigger than it is. They can also section spaces off so that your home has added functionality without you having to construct an entirely new wall. We’re sure you’ll find something that works for you by checking out our different types of room dividers for every style below.

The Accordion Divider

The accordion divider is perfect for larger spaces. They’re useful if you need to section a room off quickly, and they’re perfectly mobile, meaning you can move them easily. Generally, manufacturers make them with multiple tall panels made of fabric material connected by hinges. This flexibility lets them fold inward or outward according to taste. Luckily, they don’t require installation; unfold and set them in place. They’re great for a fun DIY project, but you can also buy them cheaply. They’re perfect for virtually any kind of room.

Hanging Solid Divider

These panels consist of several materials if you want something that adds a splash of creativity to your space. You can get them in light wood, resin, acrylic, or any other materials you can hang from the ceiling and slide open or closed. This type of divider will offer you added light and privacy whenever you need it. They do require hardware, so prepare for the cost. Luckily, some pretty, low-maintenance, and cheap options are available—some might even only require two screws you attach to the ceiling. This type of room divider is useful for any style if you’re looking for a more permanent option.

Hanging Fabric

As an elegant alternative to the two dividers above, hanging fabric and curtains are a classic. You’ll get greater privacy, and they’re less prone to tear, given that the materials are heavy-duty and durable. That said, the track system and heavy-duty rod will cost you in addition to the curtain. However, don’t let the cost stop you if you have the budget. Instead, enjoy the luxury of a curtain offering an enclosed space for added privacy.

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