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How To Create a Fun Family Movie Night at Home

How To Create a Fun Family Movie Night at Home
Few things are more rewarding than spending time with those you love, and one way to do this with your family is by planning a movie night. However, setting this event up takes a lot of planning and a fair bit of effort if you want it to go smoothly. If you’re looking for some pointers, you’ve come to the right place! Below, learn more about how to create a fun family movie night at home.

Pick Your Movie Beforehand

Before you do anything, you must pick your movie ahead of time. The movie you pick should be appropriate for all ages in your family. Given the differences in age groups, a family with 16- and 17-year-olds will want different movie choices than a group with 10- to 12-year-olds. This can get difficult because kids are picky. However, many classics will work for any age, including the Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel movie series. You can create a fun family movie night at home that they’ll never forget by choosing any of these movies.

Invite Guests

Now that you’ve picked your movie, you need to pick your guests. Your core family will naturally be part of the evening, but you might also want to figure out which friends and extended family you want to have over. After all, a family movie night doesn’t have to be exclusive to immediate family. Instead, invite as many people as you want and can! Inviting plenty of members leads to an amazing family bonding experience for everyone.

Pick a Theme for Dinner

If you’re already home, create a theme with your menu to watch with your movie. Certain movies pair great with certain foods, like pizza or spaghetti. For instance, Clemenza’s spaghetti is the perfect meal for watching The Godfather. You can also get creative and set up a concession stand with hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and even chili dogs and fries. Making the meal you eat something creative or on-brand with the movie will help ensure the best movie night possible.

Get Cozy

If you’ve ever been in cinema seats, you know they have a reputation for being sticky and giving you a sore bottom. This isn’t a pleasant experience, so you want to ensure you have a viewing area that’s relatively cozy. Get an abundance of blankets and pillows. You can even drape fairy lights across your living room for an extra cozy vibe.

If you have children, they might even enjoy a pillow fort! And pillow forts aren’t the only thing you can create. You can get creative and turn a box into a spaceship, castle, or car. Have your kids sit in it and watch them play during the movie. Your kids will love it and be comfortable, which is exactly what you need for a fun night.

Try Some Activities

Create an activity sheet to keep your family’s eyes on the action, especially if you find they get overexcited at the movies. For instance, if you’re watching Harry Potter, have your kids count the number of times they see a new teacher and reward them with snacks when they do. This is a clever way to keep kids present and engaged throughout the evening.aHarry

Stock Up on Snacks

Beyond the main course, mimicking the full movie night experience with snacks is wise. Popcorn is an obvious staple, but why not also offer some candy? Don’t forget that you can also upgrade your popcorn by using butter and seasoning. You’ll be surprised how much it’ll change how the popcorn tastes. Mike and Ikes, jellybeans, and fruit roll-ups still apply, so don’t leave those out.

Use a Projector

Using a projector is a great way to bring the big screen into your home, mimicking what you’d find at the movies. A projector offers you huge images and can take up an entire wall. They aren’t limited in the same way that big-screen TVs are.

For people with eye problems in your family, like your grandparents, projectors offer images large enough for them to see. Additionally, everyone’s eyes will be more comfortable because they won’t have to look at a small surface area. Projectors are also lightweight and easy to set up or use on the go.

Invest in Surround Sound

To make a movie night feel authentic, a surround sound system will make you feel like you’re in a movie theater. It allows you to better appreciate the soundtrack of whatever you’re watching and offers you substantial customization options. Surround sound puts you in complete control of the experience, from the lights out to the middle of the action. Action and horror movies have never been so suspenseful!

Subwoofers offer a unique viewing experience as well. You can feel the vibrations of the explosions in your favorite Avengers movie and practically feel the T. rex’s breath coming from that screen in Jurassic Park.

A surround sound system is also relatively easy to install in a short amount of time. If this is your first movie night and you’re prepping the day before, just whip out the manual and get started. It isn’t too difficult to connect the dots.

Consider Spending the Evening Outside

Remember those drive-in movies you used to go to in the 70s? If you don’t or are too young to understand, that’s perfectly fine. You should experience one at some point, and movie night is a great time for it.

Setting up an outdoor movie night just requires a backdrop and a projector of some sort. Luckily, you can get wireless projectors relatively easily that are battery or USB powered if you happen to have a lightweight generator. Additionally, you can hook up subwoofers and other useful entertainment equipment to a generator for a truly immersive outdoor viewing experience.

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How To Create a Fun Family Movie Night at Home