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The Best and Worst Places To Hang Mirrors

The Best and Worst Places To Hang Mirrors
Mirrors are the perfect addition to any home, often making a small space feel larger and more inviting. However, there are some definite dos and don’ts on where to place this decorative staple. Here is a quick guide to the best and worst places to hang mirrors for new homeowners and interior design enthusiasts alike.

Best Places

Practical Purposes

Many use mirrors for decoration and functional application. Place your mirror in any bathroom above the sink, in your closet for checking your outfit, or in entryways when you exit the home for a last-minute touch-up.

Reflect Something Attractive

Do you have a favorite piece of art or a nature-filled window? Hang your mirror opposite these features to show them off throughout the room. This decorative tip will give your guests something beautiful to gaze upon as they look in the mirror.

Bounce Natural Light

Interior designers recommend putting your mirror opposite a glass window or doorway to make a room feel bigger. Mirrors will reflect the sunlight filtering into your home, allowing your space to illuminate with the glow of the day.

Worst places

Across From Clutter

Try not to hang your mirror opposite an area in your home that often turns into a corner for clutter. Doing so can make your space feel extra full and messy.

Directly Above or Opposite Your Bed

This suggestion stems from certain traditions. Many cultures believe that putting a mirror opposite or above your bed can lead to bad luck. Stylistically, there are also better choices.

In the Kitchen

Often, kitchens already have many reflective items, making a mirror feel redundant. Stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, or dishwashers are mirror-like enough. One exception to this rule is a mirrored backsplash, which can elongate your kitchen and make it feel larger.

In Front of Your Front Door

Another idea based on tradition is that many believe a mirror directly in front of your door equates to bad energy within your home. Avoid hanging mirrors in this area to maximize positivity. Many guests may feel uncomfortable looking at themselves when entering or exiting your home.

Purchasing the Right Mirror

Purchasing the right mirror for your home can take time and effort. You must consider many things, including size, shape, and frame. Shop at Supernova Furniture when getting your mirrors in Houston, whether you’re looking for a living room focal point or a decorative piece for your bedroom!

Creating the perfect ambiance in any room is important, and mirrors can help. You must consider creating inviting energy for family and friends upon decorating your home with mirrors. Following these tips on the best and worst places to hang mirrors will give you a well-designed room that your guests will love!