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How To Choose a Desk for Your Home Office

A desk is more than a simple piece of furniture. Dare we say it, a
work desk is the most important piece of furniture in the room. This guide can help you discover the best work desks for your home office based on what you do for work, how much space you need, and what kind of decor you love.

Here’s how to choose a desk for your home office based on your working style.

Do you mainly keep your work on a laptop, or do you have to manage paper records, too? Graphic designers and writers may feel perfectly comfortable with a simpler desk, while certified public accountants and lawyers likely need a lot of storage space for books and documents.

It also pays to think about how you work best. Some people like to organize their ideas visually, spreading out different concepts all across the desk. In that case, you need to prioritize maximum surface space. 

If a messy workspace distracts you or irritates you, make sure the desk you choose has drawers, cubbies, cabinets, and bookshelves.

Benefits of Choosing a Work Desk for Your Home Office

1. Comfort

If this is your first time working at home, don’t try to wing it by sitting cross-legged with your laptop on a bed. It’s hard on your back, your wrists, and your willpower. Choosing a stylish desk and comfy task chair is something you’ll never regret, trust us. You can get a desk with plenty of space to stretch your legs and rest your arms.

2. Productivity

Have you ever tried cooking in someone else’s kitchen? It’s a frustrating experience, especially when you can’t find the pans and utensils you’re looking for. The same thing goes for your home office. A great desk has plenty of space and smart areas to keep your most-used tools close by, so it speeds up your working time and helps you get things done. It’s the key to a productive work space.

3. Imagination

Desks come in all shapes, materials, and styles. They have a big effect on the ambiance in your office. A laid-back, bright desk may be exactly what you need to dream big. Other people find minimalist styles the best for problem-solving.

4. Motivation

Let’s face it — working at home isn’t always a breeze. One of the most common challenges is staying motivated. The last thing you want is to sit down and see a huge mess of sticky notes and work projects staring you in the face first thing in the morning. A desk that helps you stay organized is one that keeps you focused.

5. Professionalism

Some home office desks feel sophisticated and luxurious, especially when paired with a leather executive chair. This kind of desk can have a big impact on how your clients perceive you. Real-estate agents and other professionals who meet with customers at home can make an excellent first impression this way.

A Home Office With Amazing Personality

At Supernova Furniture, we think that your personal style is every bit as important as practical considerations. You should never choose a desk based on size alone. The best desk for your office is one that fits your favorite design style:

  • Minimalist
  • Industrial
  • Victorian
  • Chic
  • Retro
  • Mid-century modern
  • Rustic
  • Eclectic

Some desks have a relaxed look, with warm wood tones and gentle curves. Other styles are more contemporary, such as desks with glass tops and metal accents. If you want something supremely elegant, choose a hardwood executive desk with intricate molding.

Everything You Need To Know About Space and Size

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a desk is the amount of floor space you have available. After all, no one wants to feel cramped while working. Plus, nothing is more frustrating than picking out an amazing desk only to find that it doesn’t fit. How can you calculate the amount of room you need?

First, use a tape measure to take the dimensions of your home office. It’s a good idea to open the door when measuring to make sure it will be easy to get inside your office once the desk is there. After that, make sure your desk will physically fit through the hallway and doors of your home.

There are many desk options for small spaces. Corner desks can pack a ton of surface area into a smaller room. 

They often use cabinets and small bookcases as part of the desk base, making great use of vertical space without eating up floor space. These types of desks are an incredible solution for apartments.

What are the factors for your preferred office layout?

Many people prefer to get the largest desk they can afford, and that fits in the room. When calculating the amount of space you need, don’t forget about your office layout:

  • Windows: Does the sunshine go directly into your office? Do garden vistas inspire you? Position the desk so that you get the views you want without annoying glare issues.

  • Electrical outlets: Make life easier on yourself by ensuring you have enough electrical outlets close by your desk.

  • Bookcases/cabinets: If you want bookcases for storage or decor, include them in space calculations. This is especially important for floating desks since you need to remember to measure from the front of the bookcase, not from the wall.

  • Other furniture: Many modern offices include comfy leather furniture for taking a short nap or brainstorming. Always follow the rule of 36 inches (in front of the sofa), and you’ll be fine.

  • Office layout: Are you a person who likes to change the layout of your room frequently to spice things up? In that case, allow yourself plenty of room to play around with, and think of investing in a modular desk.

The specifics of space measurements also depend on whether you’re planning on placing your desk against the wall or floating it in the middle of the room. For a wall-facing layout, you need 36–42 inches behind the desk to have plenty of room for your chair. It’s a good idea to leave a few inches of space between the desk and wall to make it easy to adjust wires and computer cables.

For floating desks, follow the same space rule (36–42 inches) between your desk and any walls or bookcases. If you plan on having chairs for clients, leave anywhere from 48 to 60 inches in front of the desk.

Bold and Beautiful Work Desks for Your Home Office at Supernova Furniture

Learning how to choose a desk that’s right for your office space is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a work-from-home entrepreneur. Get inspired. Fall in love with your desk before you buy it. Visit one of our showrooms in and around Houston, TX, right away to find incredible deals on home office desks.