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When looking for a quality mattress, many people turn to Sealy, as it’s one of the best companies on the market. However, even within the Sealy brand, there are different levels of quality customers can look for. While all of them are great, some of this brand’s best ones are part of the Golden Elegance series.

Sealy Golden Elegance mattresses match the kind of quality we like to offer our customers here at SuperNova Furniture; that’s why we offer a wide selection of them in our stores. These Sealy mattresses are made to support your back in ways most beds don’t. Plus, with our reasonable prices, there’s no way you won’t be satisfied with your purchase. So don’t delay—get yourself a Sealy Golden Elegance mattress today.

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Targeted Support

we've got your back (and core)

Half of your body weight rests in the middle of the mattress while you sleep. That’s why Sealy® mattresses reinforce the center to better support your back and core.

Rest easy on 130 years of enduring quality


Our Basic Series is designed to withstand wear and tear with durable knit fabric, while providing long-lasting comfort and support with our SealyComfort™ Foam and Classic Coil system.


Our Value Series is designed for comfort with layers of cushioning foam on top of durable coils for all-over support. Plus, these mattresses have a reinforced seating edge that creates a larger, more balanced sleeping space across the entire bed.


If you’re looking for better support, our Performance Series offers more cushioning foam and encased coils for targeted support with less motion transfer. We’ve also reinforced the edges with high-density materials and added gel foam to the center for a more even, supported sleep experience.


A cool-to-touch, allergen-resistant protective cover offers instant, refreshing relief. Plus, this collection features a reinforced middle to better support your back and core, gel memory foams for maximum comfort, and a reinforced edge for enhanced durability.

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give your bed a lift

with a foundation or adjustable base

Give your new mattress a lift with the right base. Add one of these options to your bed and step up to a new level of comfort.

  • Flat Foundation

    Flat Foundation

  • Ease


  • Tempur-Ergo


  • Tempur-Ergo Extend

    TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend

A great night's sleep starts with quality, comfort, & support. Shop Now