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How to Design a Bedroom Your Kids Will Love

How to Design a Bedroom Your Kids Will Love

Kids get bigger, and before long, that tiny baby with no tastes or design notions is a preteen who needs a room of their own. But where do you begin when decorating a child’s room, and what’s the best course of action for creating a private space where they can sleep, read, study, play, and grow? Here are some tips and tricks regarding how to design a bedroom your kids will love!

Keep Your Kid in Mind

If you love decorating, that’s excellent! But rein in your tastes and keep your little one’s needs at the forefront. While it’s nice to reproduce some magazine cover’s idea of the perfect kid’s bedroom, know that children don’t need a lot of fripperies. Make a simple space where they can relax, play, and work on their studies or other interests. Don’t pack the place with furnishings and decorations. A bed, nightstand, desk, bureau, and some other means of storage are all they need. Also, leave room for their plans and imaginations. Personalizing a bedroom is important at any age. Sit down and talk with them about how they’d like their room to look. You can work from there to synthesize both of your visions.

Storage Is Key

One thing your child won’t bring up is the pressing need for storage. It’s in your hands to arrange the necessary cabinets, shelves, nooks, and other places to stow clothing, toys, and more to keep them off the floor. Future room cleanups are less frustrating if you provide and encourage them to use these various receptacles when playtime is over. Make the most of the open area you have by installing lofts, using space under the bed, and adding organizers. It will make your life easier in the long run.

Keep Things Bright and Colorful

Unless they prefer the Gothic aesthetic—and that’s okay—most kids respond better to a well-lit room cheerfully appointed with bright paints. Blues, yellows, greens, and pinks that aren’t heavy or dark are best. Also, think about whether you want to go with the standard four-painted walls and a white ceiling. Perhaps you can break free and design a mural or other motif. Again, since it’s a kid room, keep it simple and pick up washable paint. There are many scratches, scrapes, and doodles to come.

Pick Fun Furniture

When deciding how to design a bedroom your kids will love, allow it to grow with them. For example, investing in a slightly larger bed they can grow into will save time and money, and your child may love having a “big kid” bed. If they favor a specific design or theme, indulge them. Kids’ furniture has never been this fun. As they grow up, they’ll broach the subject of upgrading their furnishings to more teen-friendly styles.

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