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Top 5 Tips on How To Care for Wood Furniture

Top 5 Tips on How To Care for Wood Furniture
Wood furniture has a special rustic quality that many homeowners love. However, this material can be sensitive and requires a little more TLC to keep it in good condition. Lumber-based pieces are an investment, so make sure to keep up with their maintenance. To help, here are the top five tips on how to care for wood furniture.

Keep It Clean

If you want your wood furniture to look new, establish a cleaning routine to keep things fresh. Use gentle soap and warm water to wash away any unsightly stains. Lumber is fragile, so make sure you aren’t saturating your pieces in the process; just use a damp, gentle cloth to wipe away blemishes, and immediately remove any lingering moisture.

Dust Regularly

Airborne particles gather on surfaces quickly, forming a buildup that nobody wants to look at. Dust your pieces regularly to remove any layers forming on your wooden furniture. Avoid using any abrasive dusting tools to clean your tables and chairs; instead, opt for an old cotton T-shirt or a soft rag to sweep away any residue without scratching your surfaces.

Protect Your Surfaces

Wooden tables see a lot of action, often sustaining damage from condensation and hot plates. Take some protective measures, and use coasters to shield your surfaces. You can also use table cloths, placemats, and other barriers to keep the elements away from your furniture. This tip on caring for your wood furniture will protect your expensive pieces and keep them looking brand new.

Use Restorative Products

If your wooden pieces are looking a little dull, use restorative products to treat the material. Dry lumber often appears dingy and lifeless; avoid this problem by periodically re-oiling your furniture. As your tables, chairs, and other accents age, they may lose their beautiful shine. Restore their quality with furniture wax so that your pieces always sparkle.

Avoid Environmental Damage

One of the greatest enemies of wooden furniture is the environment. Sunlight and heat can seriously damage your expensive items, causing them to warp, crack, and become discolored. Arrange your interior so that your wooden furniture is out of direct sunlight. If you can’t, hang drapes and blinds to keep the sun’s rays from harming your pieces.

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