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Formal Dining Room Sets in Houston  

Dining rooms are designed to make an impression. They’re just as much about expressing your personality as they are about entertaining guests in an unforgettable backdrop. The key to creating the perfect ambiance is choosing formal dining room furniture that fits your personal design vision, similar to the brush strokes in the finest works of art. We offer formal dining room sets in Houston and Katy that make a bold statement. Are you recognizing the signs it’s time to update your dining room? Visit one of Supernova Furniture’s six locations for the décor of your dreams!

Contemporary Dining Sets

Modern formal dining room sets combine sleek surfaces, sharp lines, and exceptional materials. Rich hardwoods and opulent leather meet metal accents and glass tabletops. This furniture creates a sophisticated atmosphere ideal for chic wine tastings with friends as well as sophisticated evening galas.  

At SuperNova Furniture, you can find formal dining room furniture with minimalist designs and neutral tones. Perfectly white sets with glass tops make a wonderful focal point. Hardwood dining tables and chairs complement modern wood flooring, bars, and accent furniture for an unparalleled elegance.

Luxurious Dining Sets

Pick furniture that makes an impression on your guests. For your formal dining table set, choose French provincial formal dining room furniture to express the ultimate in luxury. Whether you wish to adhere to tradition or simply treat your guests to maximum opulence, our Parisian dining collections are a wise choice. These styles have an incredible amount of attention to detail: 

Tufted and tapestried seating

Silky upholstery

Intricate wood accents

Flowing wood contours

Richly hued finishes
Premium hardwood furniture

Each handcrafted piece of these elegant formal dining room sets features the finest workmanship, materials, and artistry. All of our French Provincial dining sets feel exceptionally elegant. They provide a breathtaking backdrop in Houston for black-tie affairs, formal dinner parties, and special announcements.

Rustic Dining Sets

What if your dream dining room is laid-back and warm? In that case, rustic dining sets are the best fit for your style. Treat close friends to an evening of cocktails, gourmet dishes, and unforgettable moments. Both relaxed and refined at the same time, these amazing dining sets feature beautiful hardwood in a stunning variety of dark and light finishes, as well as reclaimed wood with natural tones.

Countless Formal Dining Styles

In addition to these categories, you can also discover an array of other pieces that fit your personal design style. Do you prefer the sophistication of 1920s decor with tufted leather and vintage elements? Do you have an eclectic style with elements from around the world? Or are you looking for a traditional dining room set that will stand the test of time?

At SuperNova Furniture, we have everything you’re looking for and more. Make sure you measure first so you know what size dining room furniture you need. Then stop in any of our six locations to discover the best dining room sets in Houston, Rosenberg, and Katy, TX. Contact us to learn more about our incomparable deals!