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7 Innovative Ideas for a Dramatically Modern Dining Room

7 Innovative Ideas for a Dramatically Modern Dining Room
Revamping your home is the key to increased comfort and well-being. Think about it. Most people spend the majority of their time in the house. It’s where they play, sleep, and—in the case of the dining room—eat. Dining rooms are a great place for your style to stand out, especially since we often host our parties and dinners there. Think of Thanksgiving and Christmas, or even your daily or evening meal with the family—the decor of the dining room is key to the personality of your home. If you want your home’s personality to reflect a modern style, check out our seven ideas for a dramatically modern dining room below.

Why Should You Redo Your Dining Room?

Some of our best memories with friends and family are made in our dining rooms. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the same room as your loved ones, laughing, and enjoying a good meal together. Keeping your dining room modern and fresh adds to this experience. If your dining room is a little worse for wear, it could help to revamp it so your guests can feel more welcome. So how do you revamp your dining room? We’ll show you how below.

Use Modern Cement Tiles

Altering your dining room’s flooring is an elegant way to splurge. Specifically, you may want to look into laying down modern cement tiles. They’ll certainly stand out from everyone else’s dining room and complement the atmosphere of many different formal events you could host.

Cement tiles are also easily customizable. You can add color to them, whether trying to keep things neutral with gentle grays and sleek whites or providing a dash of color with bright, lively patterns. There are many different types of flooring you can use as a replacement, but this one is considered ideal if you want to go for both modern form and functionality.

Utilize Hanging Plants

Plants are amazing, eco-friendly additions to any dining room. Plants provide the dining room with a naturally soothing ambiance, with the added benefit of better air quality. The best plant options to modernize your dining room are Ficus, nerve plants, zebra plants, and bamboo.

Hanging these plants from the ceiling provides a super modern look without cluttering the floor. However, we recommend you hang them somewhere where they can get adequate sun, preferably 12 hours’ worth. Sunlight is just as important for their care as regular watering. With plants like bamboo, you can place them on either side of the entranceway to your dining room to make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

Utilize Color Theory

The color theory involves using complementary shades of color to create a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing room. For instance, white goes with virtually anything, but brown and blue will likely clash. What you’re looking for are complementary— not clashing—colors.

You can utilize color theory everywhere in your dining room. Just try to see the big picture. How does your furniture complement your flooring? How does the flooring complement your walls? While you can choose to use dark or bright colors, it might be wise to stick to two colors throughout the room.

Don’t make your ceiling one color, the walls another, the floor another, and your furniture yet another. This will cause eye fatigue and attention overload for your guests, so try to avoid it. Painting with just two complementary colors will create a simply aesthetic space that is not overwhelming.

Reupholster Your Chairs

You can choose to get your chairs professionally reupholstered or do it yourself. Reupholstering is a cost-effective way to revamp your dining room. Instead of getting new chairs altogether, you enhance the look of your old chairs to give them a modern spin.

Try to mix and match when you reupholster. For example, you could reupholster using a uniform design but have half of the chairs be with one fabric material and the other half in another. Alternatively, you could mix and match complementary, modern designs. After all, a dining room with furniture that looks super uniform doesn’t complement modern style, so don’t hesitate to shake things up.

Apply Patterned Wallpaper

We talked earlier about color theory, so you would do well to apply the same principles to your wallpaper. It’s important not to go wild here with hectic patterns. Soft circles or stripes are classic ways to modernize the room. Colors that are bright and happy or sleepy and minimalist are great ideas.

Don’t be afraid to put your personality on display here. However, you should ensure that the pattern complements the look and feel of the rest of the house. For example, if most of your house has blue or white paint on the walls, incorporate that into the wallpaper in your dining room. This will give it a sleek, uniform look.

Swap Out Old Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can really make a room. Lighting can add depth and offer a refreshing look to a dingy area. We don’t expect you to install a chandelier—unless you want to. It’s an excellent touch. But unique and copious lighting is a key element of modern design.

If you have a light fixture over the dining room table, put a modern spin on it by incorporating geometric designs and metallic elements. Skylights and other types of ceiling lights are other innovative ideas to dramatically modernize your dining room.

Add Wall Paneling

Wall paneling can add sophistication to a dated room. It’s both affordable and chic. Also, it can greatly enhance your dining room walls. And conveniently, there are a ton of DIY tutorials online that will give you design ideas and walk you through the process of installing a wall panel. Some ideas include implementing cabinets and columns.

Overall, there are many ways you can modernize your dining room interior. You just have to pick the right one for you. Modernization can have a dramatic effect on the ambiance of the room and the home in general. Here at Supernova Furniture, we boast the best furniture for your dining room to get you started on your room-revamping journey. Are you looking for a formal dining room set? Look no further than Supernova Furniture! Check out our website, and if you’re located in Texas, consider visiting our new location in Humble, Texas.

7 Innovative Ideas for a Dramatically Modern Dining Room