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How to Clean & Care for Leather Furniture

Genuine leather is a durable yet elegant material for furniture; however, individuals can be intimidated by the thought of caring for it. With a few simple steps, you can learn how to clean and maintain genuine leather to keep it looking smooth and shiny for years to come.

Genuine leather has a long lifespan, especially with regular care and attention. Here is how you can keep your genuine leather in great shape.

Keep Leather Out of Direct Sunlight

It is always easier to prevent damage than it is to fix it. Therefore, make an effort to keep genuine leather out of sunlight as much as possible as UV rays are damaging to natural materials like genuine leather. Too much sun exposure can dry genuine leather out and leave it brittle. It can also discolor the material. Discoloration is the first sign that cracking and more intense damage will occur soon.

As the material does not hold up well to frequent exposure to water, genuine leather furniture options―such as sectionals for your living roomare the best options as they are kept indoors and away from the elements that can degrade the upholstery. For regular cleaning, simply wipe down the genuine leather with a dry cloth to remove the dust and debris that collect over time.

Clean Spills Off Immediately

Spills can be unavoidable, especially with children or pets. The best way to approach genuine leather furniture care is to spot clean as needed between regular cleanings. To keep your genuine leather clean and undamaged, deal with spills as soon as possible. Soak up the liquid with a towel and wipe off the surface. If the substance is sticky or may leave a stain, use a towel with water. Greasy stains, like oils and other fatty substances, should be left alone after wiping as they will typically absorb into the genuine leather over time.

Since moisture can damage genuine leather, it is important to dry off big spills to limit the exposure. Avoid cracking of genuine leather by conditioning it after prolonged exposure to water.

Have Professional Cleanings Periodically

If a spill still leaves a stain even after cleaning, having your furniture professionally cleaned is a great option. Professional cleanings will keep your furniture supple and as sturdy as possible, letting you enjoy that sleek sofa or modern kitchen table chairs for much longer. While it is not needed all the time, periodic professional cleanings can be very beneficial. Plus, it can be nice giving the task to someone else.

Condition Leather At Least Twice a Year

One of the most critical steps to caring for genuine leather is to condition the material regularly. Experts recommend doing so once or twice a year to replenish the natural oils. Find a quality genuine leather furniture treatment that is gentle on the material while adding lots of shine. Before you condition, be sure to wipe down the material to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated. Next, put the conditioner on a clean cloth instead of the genuine leather itself and rub the conditioner into the material. Conditioning is vital to vibrant, beautiful genuine leather, even on furniture like the tufted headboard that does not receive a lot of wear.

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