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How To Brighten Up an Office With No Windows

How To Brighten Up a Windowless Home Office
Whether you work at home or just need a space to get a little reading, writing, and paperwork done, you can’t beat a home office. But let’s suppose your house doesn’t offer an extra bedroom or other space with a lovely view and plenty of sunlight. Whether you’ve been stuck in a corner of the basement, moved to the attic, or even exiled to a shed out back, it’s still possible to bring light and life to your workspace even if the sun is nowhere to be seen. Here’s how to brighten up an office with no windows.

A New Coat of Paint

Never underestimate the brightening effect of a few coats of paint. If you want to make any room seem more inviting and filled with inspiration and optimism, go with a lovely yellow, green, or blue. We already connect these colors with nature, life, possibilities, and growth, which goes much farther than the common dingey grey or institutional beige of a basement wall, for example. Keep in mind that you’re going for brightness, not garishness, so stick to pastel versions of the above. Lighter colors also reflect light better, keeping the area pleasant and sunny even if your office is technically underground or sunlight-free.

Keep It Light

When you furnish the space, consider how much space is available and try not to crowd it with too many pieces. Focus on the essentials. A desk and chair are indispensable, naturally, so work out how much more furniture you really need. A crowded room can feel darker because of less space and more shadows. Pick a desk that’s not blocky and ponderous, with slimmer and exposed legs and fewer drawers. If you need a conference or larger table to spread out on, stick to the tall and slim aesthetic as well. Keep shelves and storage areas off the floor, and don’t allow any of the furniture to block the light projected by your lighting. 

Add Art With an Outdoorsy Feel

No windows? No problem. Replace that view of nothing with a view of something through art or photography. A simple garden scene, ocean view, or even a city skyline can fool your mind into thinking you’re somewhere else, overlooking nature’s beauty or humanity’s ingenuity. Naturally, any art can add color and life to a place, but if you go for an outdoorsy field, it’ll make the four blank walls much less oppressive. There are all kinds of décor accents that can contribute to the nature theme, too.  

Go Green

Here’s one last tip on how to brighten up an office with no windows. Bring the outdoors inside with a few plants. It’s one of our favorite ways to add color without painting. Talk to the experts at the garden center about which plants work best in low light conditions but pick up a plant grow light to give them a shot of artificial light every now and again. Plants bring a fresh scent and oxygen to an area, making it seem less musty and secluded. If you have an extra green thumb, a hydroponics setup can provide a greater amount of green to the room. You can even grow produce while you’re at it!

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